Pre fest courses will run on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th. Courses will range from 1 to 2 days and will start from 10am each day, participants traveling long distances will be welcome to arrive the night before their course starts.

A simple vegetarian lunch will be provided during pre fest, along with plenty of tea and coffee.

Tools, lathes and other equipment will be provided during the pre fest courses, but please bring any of your own tools with you that you would like to use, and it would be useful to bring a lathe if you have access to one. 

Please Note: Prefest courses do not include the price of a weekend ticket. These must be bought separately.


Amy started green woodworking 10 years ago and is particularly inspired by Swedish and Baltic woodenware and historical ceramics. 

"What continues to pull me in is the love of using and enjoying

handmade items in my everyday life, the simple pleasures of using a hand thrown mug, a turned wooden bowl and a handmade wooden spoon for my breakfast every morning makes my heart sing.  These objects transmit the energy and care the maker put into them, and I feel a connection to the people who made them."

Amy's work speaks for itself and we are delighted to have her teaching with us this year!

Turning handled bowls - Thursday 8th - SOLD OUT

sold out


Anja will be teaching a two day course spending one day making knife sheaths, and one day making her beautiful duck bowls.

Anja is one of the most creative and playful woodworkers around, with huge amounts of knowledge to offer.

Two Days - SOLD OUT

anja duck bowl.jpeg


Sharif Adams is a professional maker of woodchips and fine curly shavings. He is particularly fond of pole lathe turned wooden bowls, plates, cups and boxes. When he is not making things he is busy teaching people how to make things. His workshop on Dartmoor is visited by people from all around the world who come to watch him work or to attend one of his courses. He is part of ‘The Dartmoor Artisan Trail’, a self-guided crafts trail which links Dartmoor's diverse artisan community and offers the public a chance to glimpse behind the workshop walls and try their hand at traditional crafts.

Sharif will be teaching a two day course focussing on locking lid boxes and handled bowls.

Two days - £200


Jo has been weaving willow baskets for many years, and recently received funding to go and study with artizan basket makers in Romania.

This workshop will teach you all of the techniques you will need to make a classic willow basket. 

The 2 days will concentrate on the stake and strand method of basketry. You will leave with a traditional, elegant, sturdy, round basket with a bow handle crafted from willow grown by the tutor. The basket will be strong enough for carrying tools and will last you a lifetime.

The workshop will extend over 2 days from 10am to 4pm 

Willow basket weaving 2 days - £200

sold out


Since taking a bowl turning and tool forging course with Sharif Adams some years ago, Yoav has been been constantly working, learning and exploring the deep, satisfying path of green woodworking. Always looking to gain a better understanding of the material he's working with, he has spent a long time travelling and working with some of the best green woodworkers in the world, soaking up a huge amount of knowledge on the way.

Yoav will be teaching a one day course on plate turning.

Thursday 8th Plate turning - SOLD OUT



Matt has been working wood and metal for 20 years. The point where these two passions combine perfectly for him is in bowl turning. To be able to turn bowls of varying types, it is often desirable to be able to forge a new shaped hook to get into the nooks and crannies of your latest shape. On this half day course you will learn the techniques used in forging the hooks, go onto hardening, tempering and the sharpening of your finished tool. Matt's aim is to give you the knowledge to enable you to forge all of your own hooks in the future . 

You will be using a hand powered forge running on charcoal and using recycled car springs as your material.

Matty will be running 2 full day courses, one aimed at beginners, and one aimed at more experienced makers.

Wednesday 7th - SOLD OUT

Thursday 8th - SOLD OUT


Specialising in traditional and heritage crafts, Flo works with natural materials to produce high quality work that is functional and beautiful

Her work ranges from timber framing and joinery, to carving, bowl turning and basketry. All of her work is linked by a love of making and a passion for keeping traditional crafts alive.

Flo will be teaching a one day beginners bowl turning course. 

Wednesday 7th - SOLD OUT



Nadine is a hugely knowledgable craftsperson with many years of experience. Her beautiful work has a deep connection to the land because she makes her crafts from the ground up, either growing, coppicing or foraging her own materials, scraping, splitting and processing them by hand with axes and knives and then shaping and decorating them into lovingly crafted functional items. She also is an expert in natural dyes, chip carving and decoration.

Nadine will be teaching a two day course on how to make a carved wooden eating bowl with a lid (an essential piece of kit round the fire!), and how to decorate it with paints, natural dyes and chip carving.

Two day course - SOLD OUT



Having discovered the world of green woodworking many years ago, Owen immersed himself in the possibilities that these traditional techniques can offer. Using axes, knives and a foot powered lathe, he create items that have their own unique, warm character.

On his journey, Owen has worked with and learned from some of the most renowned green wood workers. He has lived in Mike Abbott's chair making workshop, apprenticed with Barn the Spoon in his London shop, and learned to Make hook tools with Robin Wood.

Owen will be teaching a one day improvers course for intermediate turners, and a one day handled mug turning course for more experienced turners.

Wednesday 7th - Improvers Turning SOLD OUT

Thursday 8th - Handled Mug Turning SOLD OUT