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There are a few of us who live in the woodland full time, with other makers coming periodically to teach and share skills throughout the year.


As a collective we enjoy the space of the workshop on a daily basis - each of us working in different areas or crafts, sharing meals and taking care of the facilities. New Ideas are constantly helping to form the place - recently we planted a little fruit orchard and started to grow vegetables. We are grateful to be able to share this space and knowledge with others.


Will runs the woodland workshop and lives on site year round.

During his apprenticeship with master craftsman Barnaby Carder in London, he learnt the simple pleasure of making a beautiful functional object using only a few sharp hand tools and a piece of fresh, green wood. From him he learned how to carve spoons, make bowls and turn on a pole lathe, and soon started teaching green woodwork courses for him at The Green Wood Guild.

During this time, Will had the opportunity to learn from some of the world's best green woodworkers, including several weeks assisting on Mike Abbott's chair making courses. In 2015, the opportunity came up to take over Mike's Workshop and the stewardship of brookhouse wood. 

Will now lives in the woodland full time and teaches courses throughout the summer. 



Since taking a bowl turning and tool forging course with Sharif Adams some years ago, Yoav has been been constantly working, learning and exploring the deep, satisfying path of green woodworking. Always looking to gain a better understanding of the material he's working with, he has spent a long time travelling and working with some of the best green woodworkers in the world, soaking up a huge amount of knowledge on the way.

Visit his website to see more of his work.


Steve Tomlin has been working professionally with green wood since 2003 and is an internationally respected craftsman with a huge breadth of knowledge and experience, both in making and teaching. His courses are always lively and fun while focusing on safe methods of work and passing on skills so you feel confident to continue at home. Visit his website for more details.



Nadine’s background is in fine art and craft but she has always had a passion for the outdoors, woodwork and making. Over the years her passion for heritage crafts, conservation and creating functional and beautiful items made from local, sustainable materials, grew stronger.
She took a leap of faith and decided to do what she loves full time and now teaches and sells her crafts all over the country and runs the local Coppice Group.
Gathering her own materials is very important to her and she undertakes woodland conservation and coppice work, gathering bark and wood for baskets, bowls and spoons and plants for dyes at different times of the year. "Practising my craft holistically in this way, means that I work with the
seasons and the work becomes part of my day to day life.
I work from a small outdoor workshop at home and from Lupine woods near Sheffield, but also work
on the road at the many shows and events that take me around the country."



After many years as a coal miner and fireman, John is now a full time green woodworker, making and selling his products at shows across the country. he first came to woodwork through building projects, but then became hooked on green woodwork on Robin Wood's first spoon carving course. Taking inspiration from Fritiof Runhal and many of the other green woodworkers he has met along the way, John is particularly interested in design and is always pushing this element of his work forward.

When he isn't carving, he can be found entertaining folk round the fire with the fiddle or banjo. Check out more of his work here.

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