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The welcome project is our charitable venture, where we aim to share what we offer with those who cannot afford to come on courses.


Throughout the past years the workshop has accommodated many course participants and assistants, and while the workshop attracts people from many different backgrounds, it is still a luxury that many cannot afford. In 2019 we decided to offer a wider spectrum of people the chance to benefit from the workshop and its facilities. Our first foray into this project was to invite a group of people from Iran and Iraq who were seeking asylum in the UK, to stay for 3 days in the woods and learn to make a stool each that they took home at the end. For all of us this was an amazing experience of sharing, joy and gratitude and it left us inspired to do more. 


We wish to welcome people who face frustration, exclusion, prohibition and the stagnation of being indefinitely detained, to the woods. The Idea is to share knowledge and the practice of different crafts, mainly related to green woodwork and to enjoy the simple outdoor and communal life. For us, the combined experience of using our hands to create, to be in nature, to cook and eat together, and to gather around the fire, are fundamental to our wellbeing. We want to share this with others. 


Our vision is to invite small groups on a regular basis to learn to use hand tools and make simple objects like stools, chairs, bowls, shrink pots, baskets etc. But also to involve gardening, foraging and cooking. 


We are currently working with a local group who collect donations for refugees and asylum seekers, and we are starting the process to register as a charity. 


We managed to raise the initial funds for this project with a raffle, generously supported by the participants of the Bowl Gathering 2019. Money is needed to cover the costs for food, transport and materials. Donations welcome. Please contact us if you would like to help or get involved in any way!

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