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Ash splint basketry is a new and exciting craft being introduced to the UK. An ash log is pounded to separate the individual growth ring layers which are woven into lightweight, elegant and strong baskets. Traditionally carried out in the US, Steve learned to make these baskets with April Stone-Dahl, a native maker from Wisconsin. You will learn about pounding, grading and preparing splints and the skills to weave a practical and beautiful fruit basket.

Steve Tomlin has been working professionally with green wood since 2003 and is an internationally respected craftsman with a huge breadth of knowledge and experience, both in making and teaching. His courses are always lively and fun while focusing on safe methods of work and passing on skills so you feel confident to continue at home. Visit his website for more details.

Dates: 6th - 7th June - Click here for more info.



Join two of our regular makers, Kirk Barker and Nadine Fox Grundy as they guide you through the woods and show you how to harvest all the little treats that are on offer during the spring in our woodland.

Nadine will teach you how to make a willow bark foraging basket for future foraging trips, and show you how you can harvest this amazing and abundant material. 

Kirk and Nadine will both share their considerable knowledge on foraging, and teach you how to ferment your own hedgerow wines, and make wild botanicals for cocktails. Cooking is done over an open fire, and we always try to include seasonal foraged goodies in our meals!

Dates: TBC

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