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Sean Hellman - Sharpening

This course will give you the knowledge to sharpen almost any tool. From bowl gouges and woodturning tools to all greenwood working tools and knives. The day will be a mixture of theory and most importantly, practise.


We will provide a wide range of water, oil, diamond, and natural bench stones, abrasives films, hand operated grinders. We will cover the pros and cons of all these abrasives, and find the right fit for your tools’ requirements. Some battery powered electric sharpening and polishing equipment will be available and we will discuss the best affordable tools suited to your requirements.

Many sharpening techniques will be taught, as well the most important aspects of sharpening: observation, alongside an understanding of Edge Geometry in general, and concerning specific tools. We will use a microscope to highlight both good and bad techniques.


Bring your own tools to sharpen, the more the merrier as well as any sharpening equipment. We will also provide some chisels and knives as well as sharpening jigs.


Suitable for beginners and for those who want to refine their sharpening techniques.

Sean Hellman - Sharpening

  • Once booked, courses are non-refundable. 

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