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11th of August - Urushi lacquer introductory course with Rabea Gebler

A one-day introductory course into the world of urushi lacquer. In this workshop, we will be diving into the tools, materials, and techniques necessary to start using natural lacquer on wooden ware. During the day you will learn how urushi is harvested from trees, and how it is processed and get an overview of its many different uses throughout Japan. We will learn how to properly mix and apply different layers of urushi for different uses. What makes urushi a supreme material for finishing wooden ware and especially everyday objects.

Please note that the curing of urushi takes about 2-3 days for each layer and a lacquered object can have up to 30 layers. As we would only have one day together it won’t be possible for us to create a finished object during this class. You will, however, be given all the information and techniques to successfully lacquer your own wooden ware at home as well as the opportunity to buy materials for personal use.

***Please be aware that Urushi is likely to cause minor skin rashes in most people, but can also lead to stronger allergic responses. If you are known to have a strong reaction to poison ivy, oak, or sumac, we don’t advise working with urushi. As the natural material in those plants that cause rashes is even higher in urushi.

Course will start at 10am and lunch will be provided as well as all the tea and coffee you'll require :)

About the instructor:

Rabea Gebler is a German woodworker and lacquer artist currently living in Japan. After graduating from design university, she started working with wood and soon found a passion for tableware. She started exploring Japanese lacquer when moving to Japan in 2020 and is currently enrolled in a 2-year program focusing on creating traditional lacquered tableware in Yamanaka Onsen, Ishikawa Prefecture.

11th of August - Urushi lacquer introductory course with Rabea Gebler

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